Dare I hope to keep the dream alive

Well after a long dry spell we are beginning to game again and I feel it is time to brush off my HG campaign and try again. Normally I would have shelved the system already, but I feel the background material and heavy political shell game that threads its way through an advancing product line is very interesting. I must also admit to being a bit of a Votoms/PowerDoLLs fan in that I love the idea of single-man mechanized robot combat.

Because of the incident and break-up of the group I am changing the focus as the character’s change. Archer and Bear will both be defecting from the NorLight Special Forces, faking their own deaths during the trial run of an experimental Mammoth. They have been preserving enough of their own body fluids to make DNA matches successful. Fletcher always was an independent and no disappearance will be necessary; however, I will provide a NorLight hit-squad to attempt a “silence” operation which will push him to hiding with the escapes and avoiding any Northern entanglements.

With this setup my plan is to build a Fugitive/Have Gun will Travel style of game where the PCs will be wandering the badlands righting wrongs and plundering bandits. While they will need to acquire new gears that is not so difficult when one considers the sheer number of gears that still litter the bandlands after the Earther War. Sure, they won’t be the top-line models tuned to perfection by very skilled mechanics — but they will not be junk either. To give them a bit more I will have NPCs wander in and out of the group offering their services in exchange for help.

I am not sure how all of this will work out, but I am hopeful.

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