A day that will forever live in infamy

Yesterday was a day that will forever scar my table. After watching my game explode and two of the players rampage their characters through a suburban area with little regard for the lives of those people around them I was sickened by the action. Sure, it was driven by Doug with Ken as his willing partner — but I had little course of action but to allow the “Blood Opera” to play out. I could have had the police arrive sooner or in greater numbers, but that would have rung false and smacked of the GM yanking on the player’s chains when they don’t act like I want. I have always tried to give the players as much freedom as they wanted and yesterday, for the first time, they turned that creed into a nightmare.

In a quite gated neighborhood innocent adults and children were gunned down with reckless abandon as the two players charged the house killing anything that moved rather than take the time to identify their targets. Jackie refuses to ever game with Doug again and I must second that motion — I will send out an email tomorrow telling him to not return to game at our table again. I will try and couch it in a bit softer tones, but right now I just never want to see him again. I am not so sure about Ken either. Sure, he went along with it, but I have never seen him turn killer-munchkin style before so I figure after a cooling off period I would welcome him back to the table. In any case I know Jackie needs some time to settle down before she is ever ready to game again.

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